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Result for the Interview held on 25th June, 2018 at MPLUN office, Bhopal For the Selection of Incubatees under Apparel Incubation Project, Gwalior


Sr. No Tender Name Tender Description File Link
1 NIT No.2316.pdf Auction off Dismantling of H-Beam Poles, ‘V’ Cross Arm and Top Clamp at I/A Sitapur to Noorabad Takery, District Morena (M.P.) Download
2 NIT No.2315.pdf Construction and Repairing of existing boundary wall in Kotwal Intake Well Campus at I/A Ghirongi, District Bhind (M.P.) Download
3 NIT No.2311 (1).pdf Upgradation of Industrial Area Malanpur-Ghirongi, District Bhind Download
4 NIT No.2314.pdf Erection of 11 KV Line near Atharva Transformer Industry at I/A Malanpur, District Bhind​ Download
5 NIT No.2312.pdf Providing Complete Security at night for IIDC Office Building at IIDC Plaza, 39, City Centre, Gwalior (M.P.) Download
6 NIT No.2307-2308.pdf Security Cum Maintenance of Street Light at I/A Banmore and Stone Park. Download
7 NIT No. 2311.pdf Upgradation of Industrial Area Malanpur-Ghirongi, District Bhind. Download
8 NIT No.2310.pdf Providing of LED Light ​for Street Light at various Industrial Areas. Download
9 NIT No.2307-09.pdf Security of Various Industrial Areas of IIDC, Gwalior​ Download
10 NIT No.2306.jpg Providing and laying under ground cable for street light work at I/A Ghirongi​ Download